Jaswant Singh’s Press Statement, 30th March 2014
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India's Decade of Decay
NEW DELHI – Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has been in office since 2004, recently held what was only the second press conference of his current five-year term, which is rapidly approaching an inglorious end. Betraying his yearning for approval, Singh told the assembled journalists that he hoped that history would judge his tenure more kindly than his political adversaries do. That outcome seems unlikely, at best. On the contrary ...
I am greatly disturbed by the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Joshi's resignation, further, I am aggrieved that it was accepted. In the process this Government has sent wrong signals to the three services, not simple to the Indian navy.

I do, therefore, wish to question this government's conduct. Did the cabinet Committee on Security examine this step of resignation? Was this a reasoned and a collective decision or was it a decision taken by the Raksha Mantri, in consolation only with the Prime Minister? ...
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